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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Apply?

The application process starts upon the filling in the application form setting forth the claims of the applicant. All applications, along with their attachments, which are submitted to the secretariat of the Commission in order to be sealed, shall bear the signature of the applicant or his/her representative or advocate. In case the application is lodged by the advocate, a retainer for the plaintiff shall also be filed.  The affidavit attached to the application shall be signed by the affiant. If the application is made in person, the application and affidavit may be filed in a manner that is indicated in the sample application and affidavit forms which are provided by the Commission.  The application form shall include the following information: the number of the application, applicant's name and surname, identity card and/or passport number, address; the claims as regards the confidentiality of the proceedings, if any, the Ministry responsible for Housing Affairs in TRNC and/or TRNC Office of the Attorney General representing the Ministry as the Respondent; the name, surname and communication address of the applicant's advocate; if the applicant doesn't hire an advocate, the applicant's communication address and telephone number; the claims of the applicant, the description of the movable and/or immovable property for which the application is filed, the applicant's rights on such property as well as information as regards the existence of any mortgages on the respective property. In the affidavit attached to the application, the applicant gives detailed information about the facts constituting the basis of his/her claims. The applicant shall also present the certified copies of his/her identity card and/or passport, the title-deed of the respective property, the originals and copies of the documents indicating his/her shares in the respective property and also the document proving that s/he is still the rightful owner of the respective property as duly approved by the certifying officer. As regards the movable properties, the applicant shall submit bill of exchanges, bank transfer, exchange transfer or any other document in original or in duplicate or duly certified copies proving that the payment took place before 13 February 1975 or s/he shall submit the originals, copies or certified copies of any document that may be maintained from the records of any official authority and/or real or legal personality, proving that this movable property was transferred to the applicant by way of inheritance, donation and/or gift before 13 February 1975. The applicant shall also present the originals or certified copies of the documents proving that the applicant had to abandon the movable property, which he used to own and which is cited in the application before 13 February 1975 in the north.

Which documents are requested for the Application?

Application Form. Application form shall include the summary of the applicant's claims. Affidavit. The applicant shall present detailed information about the immovable property in question, as well as his/her claims. Certified copies of the applicant's identity card and/or passport. If the application is lodged through a representative, the certified copies of the identity card and/or passports of both the representative and the property owner shall be submitted.

If the property cited in the application is a movable property, originals and certified copies of the property registration documents (title-deeds). If the property cited in the application is an immovable property, the originals or certified copies of a receipt, bill of exchange, bank transfer, exchange transfer or any other document proving the payment had been made before 13 February 1975.

If the application is lodged through an advocate, a retainer by the plaintiff shall be submitted.

If the application is lodged through a representative, a special power of attorney shall be submitted.  

Shall the application be made in person? (Can I apply via e-mail, fax, etc.?)

The application may be lodged through a proxy. All applications that are duly prepared are put in process upon its lodging with the Commission. The applications cannot be lodged by way of e-mail or fax.

Do I need to present the originals of the documents at the time of the application?

If the documents attached to the application will be certified by the Commission Secretariat, the originals of each document shall be presented before certification.  

Do I have to appoint an advocate?

You are not obliged to employ an advocate. You can make your application in person or through a proxy.

Can I make my application in Greek/English?

The application shall be made in Turkish. You shall make the Affidavit either in Turkish or in English.

Can the Power of Attorney be in Greek/English?

The Power of Attorney can be in Greek/English.

Are there any charges at the time of the application?

Revenue stamp worth TL 100 shall be affixed to the application, and also each document accompanying the application shall have a revenue stamp of TL 1,5. If the documents are to be certified by the Secretariat of the Commission, an additional revenue stamp worth TL 1,5 shall be affixed.

Am I entitled to revoke my application?

The application may be revoked at any time during the process. The Commission rules for the rejection and annulment of the revoked applications.

Can I appoint or dismiss an advocate later during the process?

You can appoint or dismiss an advocate whenever you want during the application process.

When shall I file my application? Do I need to make an appointment?

The applications are accepted between 8:30 AM and 12:00 during winter working hours, and between 8:00 AM and 12:30 PM during summer working hours. You don't need to make an appointment in order to file an application.

Where are the meetings held?

The meetings are held at the premises of the Commission.

Do I have to present a valuation report at the time of my application?

No you don't have to submit a valuation report at the time of the application.

Am I entitled to compensation for loss of use and for my non-pecuniary damages, as well as compensation, exchange and restitution?

In accordance with the article 8 of the law no 67/2005, the applicants may be entitled to compensation for loss of use and for their non-pecuniary damages, along with compensation, exchange and restitution.

Can the Commission rule for only loss of use and compensation for non-pecuniary damages?

No, the Commission is not authorized to rule for only loss of use and compensation for non-pecuniary damages.

Can I have the documents (opinion, minutes, notices, etc.) in Greek or English?

If it is requested by the applicant; the documents may be communicated in Greek or English.